Kayaa – Know no Bounds

24 Sep 2011
by kayaa

We have recently launches our project on Kickstater with the help of our supporters in Missouri.


Kayaa primarily targets Kenyan artists and hopes to have more and more artists from all around Africa featuring and benefiting from this platform as well. The main reason is to promote African artists and their talent to a much more global audience than what it currently has. We are working towards making African art an art collectors must have. This wont happen if we put ourselves and our work out there for critics, discussions and sale. To grow popularity of African art, we need to engage and this is what Kayaa want to do.


It will be a free site for individual artists with a chance to post a number of artworks each month. We can only imagine how much awareness there will be because of such exposure and this will show in the revenue and interaction this site will do.


We’re calling it the new African social media for art lovers, collectors and artists.


So visit our page on kickstarter and support our project to a successful completion.




There are rewards for your pledges and we will be your creative Santa this Christmas once we reach and surpass our goal :) So share with your friends, families and interested art lovers about this amazing project and see it come to life.

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